Experience Anti-Aging With AgeJET!

Are you looking for gentle yet effective anti-aging, with little-to-no downtime? Introducing AgeJET, the quick and easy advanced plasma skin therapy that delivers a more youthful and refreshed look in only 10 minutes.

What exactly is AgeJET PlasmaRejuvenation?

AgeJET PlasmaRejuvenation is a cutting-edge procedure that utilizes nitrogen gas to generate energy that is channeled through a handpiece equipped with controlled, ultra-high radiofrequency. This energy is directed to penetrate and heat the dermal tissue, prompting the production of new elastin and collagen while simultaneously eliminating damaged collagen.

Compared to older resurfacing technologies, AgeJET represents a significant advancement. Previously, such treatments often led to undesired side effects like alterations in skin texture, pigmentation issues, skin lightening, and even scarring. With AgeJET, the process of skin regeneration is much more predictable and safer for the structural integrity of the skin.


AgeJET never compromises or harms the skin’s surface. Unlike lasers and other conventional treatments that rely on ablating or vaporizing the skin’s surface to initiate healing responses, AgeJET operates differently. For instance, CO2 lasers often entail significant risks and downtime. Instead, AgeJET employs a unique energy form that swiftly and precisely heats targeted areas, encouraging collagen restructuring and restoring skin suppleness—all without disturbing the outer epidermis layer.

The AgeJET skin resurfacing process offers a threefold advantage by treating without creating open wounds:

  1. Reduced downtime.
  2. Over time, the intact upper layer of the skin shields while the underlying treated tissue undergoes complete remodeling during the natural regenerative process.
  3. With non-ablated skin, the risk of infection diminishes, contributing to a safer and less stressful treatment experience overall.

Moreover, AgeJET holds FDA clearance for addressing general dermatological conditions. Globally, more than 50,000 treatments of this kind have been conducted over a decade, supported by over thirty independent clinical studies approved by Institutional Review Boards.

Another significant perk of AgeJET treatments is the notable reduction in discomfort and pain, accompanied by a shorter recovery period typically spanning four to ten days, depending on the treatment’s intensity.

The Results